GIMP is the open source version of Adobe Photoshop

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GIMP is an open source paint program that allows users to alter images. It is capable of performing many different alterations. GIMP allows editing of several different file types including popular ones such as .jpeg, .pdf, .png, and many more. GIMP is supported by most operating systems.

GIMP encases a suite of painting tools such as airbrush, clone, brush, and pencil. Zoom is available for close up retouching. It has a blend tool and gradient editor, and it also supports custom brushes and patterns. Image sizes are only limited by free space on the computer’s hard drive. There’s no limit on the number of pictures that can be open at once.

GIMP supports advanced manipulation characteristics such as full alpha channel support, editable text layers, and multiple undo’s and redo’s. It also has transformation tools that include rescaling, flip, shear, and rotating. Selecting the right area is easy with the rectangle, rounded rectangle, fuzzy, free, and ellipse tools. GIMP possesses quickmask to paint a certain range.

Extended features include Script-fu that allows summoning internal functions from external programs. It possesses advanced scripting capabilities. Over 100 plug-ins are available that allow easy addition for new file formats among other things. It provides loading and saving by layer for animations. GIMP has an animation package known as GAP that includes a frame navigator, onion skin, and bluebox.

GIMP can be used to do many things. Creating animation and retouching pictures is just the beginning. It also provides many tutorials such as quickies, simple floating logo, draw on selections borders, paths, red eye removal, and straight line tutorial, all for beginners. These teach the user how to use the graphics methods, drawing, removal of red eyes, and more. The intermediate section teaches drawing shapes with paths, anti-aliased threshold, film grain, changing background color 1 & 2, coloring a BW sketch, 3D floating logo, tileable textures, simple animation, and custom brushes. There are tutorials for the expert, photo editing, web, and script authoring. There are many, many tutorials to help users learn the features. GIMP has just as many, or more features than the leading brand of photo editing software.

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