OpenOffice is the open source version of Microsoft Office

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Open source software

Open source software means that the software is free for use to anyone who wants to download it. The user of the open source software can make any changes they see fit to make to the software. This helps the end user create a perfect fit for their personal use. Open source is not a new concept. It was a concept developed in the late 80s but was called freeware or shareware. The term was changed to open source to create a less confusing expression for corporate users. Open source does not always mean free. The expression has to do with the source code and how easily users can manipulate and understand it.

Why Apache OpenOffice?

Apache OpenOffice is an office software program. It has any software an office could need or want without having to spend hundreds on licenses for each program and each computer station. It has the all-important word-processing program used for typing letters and reports. OpenOffice has spreadsheets for any calculations and accounting that needs to be done. There is the ability to do presentations along with graphics and charts to help with illustrations during presentations. All of the programs come in the Apache OpenOffice software program. It is a helpful all-in-one office software program. The program can be downloaded and utilized free of charge.

Features and uses

Any documents or files saved in another office software program can be opened, easily read and changed in OpenOffice. The interface is easy to use and has basically the same menu as the other paid software programs.

The Apache OpenOffice open source software program has many templates and extensions from the community of OpenOffice users to enrich the OpenOffice users experience. Some extensions that can be added would depend on what you use OpenOffice for, but might include an extension for clip art, a spell checker or a template for making business cards.

The new functions that OpenOffice templates and addons bring to the user can be simply and easily personalized to bring only the qualities that would benefit the user. The end user needs to download necessary addons and templates. They do not need to clutter the program with unused items.

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